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Solutions and support for data environments

From Intake to Exploitation
The Story

A network of expert professionals, trusting each other and combining their expertise to offer unique data solutions and ad hoc support services (training & consulting services).


Initially focused on analytics and visualization with VISUALITICS*, our projects have led us to cover the entire data cycle & strategy.

Our Vision

Today, all data is alive. Therefore we hold a long-term commitment to continuous evolution and knowledge acquisition to make the most out of your data.

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Data architecture & engineering

Companies of all sizes recognize data's tremendous potential, and the challenge of dealing with increased volumes of data whether we call it “big” data or not. 

From scaling services & serverless architecture to optimizing data engineering processes based on well-structured data governance, we help to create, shape and connect multiple data sources and environments, building data structures with harmony and integrity in different cloud environments.

Advanced to Augmented Analytics

We empower our clients with a competitive advantage by unlocking true value and creating meaningful, actionable and timely business insights with our ability to use state-of-the-art technologies and algorithms. 

We develop the strategic, technical, and human capabilities that take companies from vision to value - and create truly data-driven organizations.


Business Analytics &

Need help with your business analytics, BI platforms management, dashboarding user experience & data storytelling?

 Apart from being data analysts at VISUALITICS, we have also mastered data visualization best practices, so everyone can instantly interpret data and get the best insights.


Want your team supported by experienced professionals?

Make your data talk to you
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Calle Maria De Molina, 39 28006 Madrid

+34 640 062 697

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